3 Zodiac signs to avoid while choosing life partner

Horoscope has always excited people as they love to know their future in advance. People follow what appears on Newspaper, magazine, TV or internet where the any accurate astrologer in India categorically speaks about individual’s zodiac sign. There are so many things that can be foretold based on zodiac signs. It’s not about health, love or career but it also reveals characteristic and traits which can be in favor of others or can be detrimental for them.  Here are three zodiac signs which are most likely to ditch their partners in love. Be careful while choosing your partner.


The fifth sign of zodiac originating from Leo constellation has some distinctive characteristics. People born in between 23rd of July and 22nd of August fall under this category. Leo people are egoistic and sometimes it goes against them. They cherish love, relationship in life and easily taste the success in life. But their insatiable desires for love along with their dominating nature like lion often spoil their relationship. They have a tendency to rule and their ego even provokes them to control their partner’s life.


This is the third sign in the zodiac followed by Taurus. The name has been derived from the Gemini constellation and it is represented by The Twins Castor and Pollux. May 21 to June 21 is fixed for Gemini people who can easily balance their personal and professional life. They are dual minded people and also get distracted in life. This nature paves the way for multiple partners in life. Being friendly in nature, Gemini gets in contact with a host of new people and soon get close to them.


This is the ninth astrological sign of zodiac associated with Sagittarius constellation. Ruled by planet Jupiter people born ( Nov 22nd- Dec 21st) under this sign are known to be very impatient and often they fail to keep their promises. Being intellectually curious in nature they often doubt their partners and that becomes a big reason to crack their relationship. Some people get attracted to their care-free lifestyle and that also can turn out to be a serious reason for split in an existing relationship.

These are very basic things that we have jotted down here. To know about your zodiac sign, it’s better to consult any accurate astrologer in Delhi. One of the best astrologers in India is Pankaj Khanna who has been practicing it for three decades now. This Delhi-based astrologer can give you telephonic advice. You can also take his appointment over the phone or mail to meet him personally.


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