Which are the applications areas of astrology?

Astrology is the art of predictions by using a very limited knowledge of a person. A person’s date of birth, time and place is used as the base to judge the positions of the celestial objects and create a chart which reveals various phases of life of that individual. There are very few accurate astrologers in India who can predict the future accurately.

The entire procedure requires lot of practice and deep knowledge on the aspects of astrology. One such renowned and experience accurate astrologer in Delhi is Pankaj Khanna. Let’s look in to the basic areas where astrology is applied by the accurate astrologers in India:

  1. All sorts of future predictions are done by the astrologers to help people know what lies ahead of them. This makes the person ready for the upcoming events which are ahead of him/ her.
  2. Diagnosing the root cause of the difficulty in any phase/ sector of life is yet another important application of astrology. Here an astrologer is approached by an individual to tell why every time finances, health or losses in career is repeating.
  3. Astrology tells a lot about the nature, personality and compatibility areas of an individual. Any accurate astrologer in Delhi can tell whether a person is compatible or not to his/ her life partner, parents, children, boss etc.
  4. History reveals that from the ancient times, astrologers are always approached to predict and give the auspicious timings for various decision making tasks for masses. Even now, astrologers are approached for fixing a time and date for naming ceremony of the child, surgery, marriage, house warming ceremony, opening ceremony of business etc. It is a belief that the auspicious timings are the ones where all the celestial bodies are favouring the individual and will be giving rewarding effects/ good luck.

The above are few of the basic and most practiced astrological services for which masses approach the astrologer. Pankaj Khanna is one such astrologer who can guide and predict the future with hundred percent accuracy. So, why not going ahead and booking an appointment telephonically or ask a question online to check his predicting accuracy.

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