Astrological prediction of 2018 for Cancer, Leo and Virgo

A new year is waiting to write a significant story for you. 2018 is going to change the future of all zodiac signs as some noteworthy astrological events are going to take place which will leave a strong impact on each zodiac sign differently. The planetary positions and movements which are quite obvious have their positive and negative consequences in everyone’s life. It will be interesting to know what is waiting for you in this upcoming year. Here’s a detailed analysis for people born under Cancer, Leo and Virgo zodiac signs by an accurate astrologer in Delhi, Pankaj Khanna.


2018 will be a grand year for Cancerians. They will observe so many changes in life. Married life will be exciting and chances of buying a new property or renovating the house are higher in the next year. They can also expect a steep growth in business and more money in the bank account. Health wise this year will be soothing and they will get to spend a quality time with family. Moreover, 2018 will give them a chance to learn from their experience. The famous accurate astrologer in Delhi recommends them to worship Maa Durga and chant Durga Kavach which will bring good luck and prosperity.


2018 will be a challenging year for the Leos. However, they can win over the hurdles with hard work, patience, and perseverance. Traveling will be on their to-do list and this time it will be purely a business or official trip. Diligence and concentration will be required to taste the success in studies and to bring a notable growth in career. Life will be stressful and sleep and peace will be a must for them to survive. Getting involved in unnecessary clashes will be unwise as it may snatch their inner peace. Married people will have a blissful time and their financial condition will certainly improve over time. To be on a safer side, they need to worship Lord Rudra.


2018 will be the turning point for Virgos as this year will bring a significant growth in their lives. They will achieve financial stability and will be praised for their work at the office. Good news will come their way in their workplace as chances of getting promotion and salary increment are higher in the upcoming year. People who are into IT and statistics will find the biggest success. This year, Virgos may invest in property. Children may need an extra attention and they also need to look after their health. Worshiping Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi is recommended by the accurate astrologer in India, Pankaj Khanna

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