Astrological prediction of 2018 for Cancer, Leo and Virgo

A new year is waiting to write a significant story for you. 2018 is going to change the future of all zodiac signs as some noteworthy astrological events are going to take place which will leave a strong impact on each zodiac sign differently. The planetary positions and movements which are quite obvious have their positive and negative consequences in everyone’s life. It will be interesting to know what is waiting for you in this upcoming year. Here’s a detailed analysis for people born under Cancer, Leo and Virgo zodiac signs by an accurate astrologer in Delhi, Pankaj Khanna.


2018 will be a grand year for Cancerians. They will observe so many changes in life. Married life will be exciting and chances of buying a new property or renovating the house are higher in the next year. They can also expect a steep growth in business and more money in the bank account. Health wise this year will be soothing and they will get to spend a quality time with family. Moreover, 2018 will give them a chance to learn from their experience. The famous accurate astrologer in Delhi recommends them to worship Maa Durga and chant Durga Kavach which will bring good luck and prosperity.


2018 will be a challenging year for the Leos. However, they can win over the hurdles with hard work, patience, and perseverance. Traveling will be on their to-do list and this time it will be purely a business or official trip. Diligence and concentration will be required to taste the success in studies and to bring a notable growth in career. Life will be stressful and sleep and peace will be a must for them to survive. Getting involved in unnecessary clashes will be unwise as it may snatch their inner peace. Married people will have a blissful time and their financial condition will certainly improve over time. To be on a safer side, they need to worship Lord Rudra.


2018 will be the turning point for Virgos as this year will bring a significant growth in their lives. They will achieve financial stability and will be praised for their work at the office. Good news will come their way in their workplace as chances of getting promotion and salary increment are higher in the upcoming year. People who are into IT and statistics will find the biggest success. This year, Virgos may invest in property. Children may need an extra attention and they also need to look after their health. Worshiping Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi is recommended by the accurate astrologer in India, Pankaj Khanna

Get the accurate astrologer to be future ready

To dismiss the belief in astrology is not right, especially when few of its aspects have explanation in the astronomical sciences and our Vedas. Jyotish Vidhya was practised by Rishis in ancient times. An astrologer seeks help for the correct methodologies from the Vedas to be the accurate astrologer in India. So why not try to keep up our faith in the works of Rishis and get the best and accurate astrologer in Delhi who can provide with accurate predictions and analysis of birth charts.

How an accurate astrologer in Delhi does predict future/ destiny and helps individuals?

An astrologer uses the details of the birth of an individual to predict few of the aspects. The date, time, longitude and latitude of birth place are all taken in to consideration to frame a birth chart. The analysis of the houses of birth chart is done and the proximity of the two planets is taken in to consideration for the judgement of destiny for any individual. These aspects throw light on the events of different phases of life for a person. An accurate astrologer in India will always tell you that if the details given by you are not accurate, his predictions may not be hundred percent true.

You can easily differentiate between the fraud and the real one by judging their knowledge and the way they project themselves. Go through their client feedbacks and check his/ her history. Also, know that there are few rules of astrology and it is not allowed to say a name or a location to the person related to any upcoming event of his life. For example, if any astrologer tries misleading you by saying that he can judge and tell you the name of company you will get job in or the name of the girl you will be marrying to- do not waste your time, energy and money with him.

An accurate astrologer is always the one who is humane, respects, value money, and well verse with the teachings of astrology and learned. One such renowned and knowledgeable accurate astrologer is Pankaj Khanna. He is famous for his hundred percent accurate predictions, Gemstone knowledge, solving the astrological problems and long list of clientele not only in New Delhi but, in the entire world. His experience in this field from the age of 14 says it all and gives a very strong reason to try him once and testing the power of astrology in our lives.

3 Zodiac signs to avoid while choosing life partner

Horoscope has always excited people as they love to know their future in advance. People follow what appears on Newspaper, magazine, TV or internet where the any accurate astrologer in India categorically speaks about individual’s zodiac sign. There are so many things that can be foretold based on zodiac signs. It’s not about health, love or career but it also reveals characteristic and traits which can be in favor of others or can be detrimental for them.  Here are three zodiac signs which are most likely to ditch their partners in love. Be careful while choosing your partner.


The fifth sign of zodiac originating from Leo constellation has some distinctive characteristics. People born in between 23rd of July and 22nd of August fall under this category. Leo people are egoistic and sometimes it goes against them. They cherish love, relationship in life and easily taste the success in life. But their insatiable desires for love along with their dominating nature like lion often spoil their relationship. They have a tendency to rule and their ego even provokes them to control their partner’s life.


This is the third sign in the zodiac followed by Taurus. The name has been derived from the Gemini constellation and it is represented by The Twins Castor and Pollux. May 21 to June 21 is fixed for Gemini people who can easily balance their personal and professional life. They are dual minded people and also get distracted in life. This nature paves the way for multiple partners in life. Being friendly in nature, Gemini gets in contact with a host of new people and soon get close to them.


This is the ninth astrological sign of zodiac associated with Sagittarius constellation. Ruled by planet Jupiter people born ( Nov 22nd- Dec 21st) under this sign are known to be very impatient and often they fail to keep their promises. Being intellectually curious in nature they often doubt their partners and that becomes a big reason to crack their relationship. Some people get attracted to their care-free lifestyle and that also can turn out to be a serious reason for split in an existing relationship.

These are very basic things that we have jotted down here. To know about your zodiac sign, it’s better to consult any accurate astrologer in Delhi. One of the best astrologers in India is Pankaj Khanna who has been practicing it for three decades now. This Delhi-based astrologer can give you telephonic advice. You can also take his appointment over the phone or mail to meet him personally.


Which are the applications areas of astrology?

Astrology is the art of predictions by using a very limited knowledge of a person. A person’s date of birth, time and place is used as the base to judge the positions of the celestial objects and create a chart which reveals various phases of life of that individual. There are very few accurate astrologers in India who can predict the future accurately.

The entire procedure requires lot of practice and deep knowledge on the aspects of astrology. One such renowned and experience accurate astrologer in Delhi is Pankaj Khanna. Let’s look in to the basic areas where astrology is applied by the accurate astrologers in India:

  1. All sorts of future predictions are done by the astrologers to help people know what lies ahead of them. This makes the person ready for the upcoming events which are ahead of him/ her.
  2. Diagnosing the root cause of the difficulty in any phase/ sector of life is yet another important application of astrology. Here an astrologer is approached by an individual to tell why every time finances, health or losses in career is repeating.
  3. Astrology tells a lot about the nature, personality and compatibility areas of an individual. Any accurate astrologer in Delhi can tell whether a person is compatible or not to his/ her life partner, parents, children, boss etc.
  4. History reveals that from the ancient times, astrologers are always approached to predict and give the auspicious timings for various decision making tasks for masses. Even now, astrologers are approached for fixing a time and date for naming ceremony of the child, surgery, marriage, house warming ceremony, opening ceremony of business etc. It is a belief that the auspicious timings are the ones where all the celestial bodies are favouring the individual and will be giving rewarding effects/ good luck.

The above are few of the basic and most practiced astrological services for which masses approach the astrologer. Pankaj Khanna is one such astrologer who can guide and predict the future with hundred percent accuracy. So, why not going ahead and booking an appointment telephonically or ask a question online to check his predicting accuracy.

3 Characteristics & Traits of October-born Personality

October is the favorite month as it brings the most anticipated festival in India, Diwali. People who are born in this month are lucky to celebrate the vibes of festivities. October is primarily dedicated to Librans who are known to be very peace loving while the end of October is ruled by the zodiac sign Scorpio. Let us reveal the traits of October-born individuals taken from an accurate astrologer in India.

Loving and charming: October being the most happening month produces charming and fun loving personalities who can stand out distinctively with their amazing personality. They never run out of energy and spirit. Vibrant in nature, October-born individuals are known for their enthusiasm. Ruled by Venus, they are extremely motivated, amiable and believe in harmony. Having a friend like this is a blessing for everyone.

Emotional and unrealistic: Being emotional in nature October people are very impractical in nature and it often creates a barrier in their life. If you are like that, you should come out of the dreamland to meet the reality. Life is a race and if you run slowly you will lose opportunities. The famous and accurate astrologer in Delhi Pankaj Khanna has suggested the October-born individuals to be prepared to face the challenge in life.

Strong headed:  Determination is the biggest strength for October-born personalities. They should focus on their career and success will automatically come to their way. It is observed that they do brilliantly in the field of stock market, real estate, interior decoration and many things.

Advices for October-born people from the famous astrologer in India:

  • Don’t confine yourself when there are many doors open for you. If you get stagnated you will lose your position.
  • You should prepare yourself to face the challenges in life. Your path will not always be filled with roses. Try to overcome the hurdles to achieve your goal.
  • Don’t be an emotional fool as it will diminish your spirit and it will throw you out of the race. There’s no point engaging yourself into an emotional battle that may snatch your peace of mind.

In a nutshell, October-born individuals need to be more pragmatic in life and rest will work for them in their favor.

How to Celebrate Chhath Puja

Every Indian festival is celebrated with equal zeal and zest. The vast country is known for its multi-culture and unity that encourages a North Indian to participate in South India festival, and vice versa.  Just after the grand Indian festival-Diwali, there comes Chhath puja which is immensely popular in Bihar, Jharkhand and in the Terai areas of Nepal. But thanks to our love and indomitable enthusiasm for different festivals that bring us together to be a part of any celebrations.

Like any other puja Chhath puja also has its own rituals and according to accurate astrologer in India, Pankaj Khanna, one should follow it religiously. The origin of this puja lies in the Rig-Veda. The puja is solely dedicated to the powerful sun which is worshipped by the followers. That’s why it is also known as Surya Chhath or Dala Chhath. The excitement and fervor for this festival are no less than Diwali in different parts of Bihar and Jharkhand along with some bordering towns of Uttar Pradesh and the Terai region of Nepal.

People worship the setting sun as a deity of energy and our life force. It is performed to express our gratitude to the sun for the warmth, energy, and power that it exudes.  The next day people gather together early in the morning to welcome and worship the rising sun.

They firmly believe that worshiping the shining sun will make them healthy, affluent and will also bring prosperity and growth to life. As the sun is the most powerful body in the universe it is believed that worshiping the sun can also heal some lethal diseases. People do it with the utmost respect and hope.

Rituals of Chhath Puja

It is a four day festival that requires extreme patience and dedication. Fasting is a core part of this puja along with holy bathing in the morning. Those who actively participate in this festival are not even allowed to drink water. They need to stand in knee deep water to offer fruits, coconut, grains, flowers, and vegetables to the rising and setting sun twice a day.

To know more about rituals and how it is related to your horoscope and future, you can get in touch with accurate astrologer in Delhi, Pankaj Khanna. He has been practicing since 1987 and his reputation is no more limited to Delhi. He has earned his name as an accurate astrologer in India and people across the country can contact him over the phone. Click on his website to avail his service:

How to judge an accurate astrologer?

When it comes to astrology, everyone seeks an astrologer who is known for his experience of giving best predictions and is having huge clientele. The search is not easy when the list of accurate astrologers in India is huge. Indeed you will want to approach the one with diverse services and the one who can guide you through the unfavourable times well. One such accurate astrologer in Delhi is known for his suggestions and predictions- Pankaj Khanna.

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His passion and zeal to acquire more and more in this area made him successful and the most approachable accurate astrologer in India. Below are few of the points he follows religiously and makes the masses aware to differentiate between a true astrologer and the fraud.

source: onlinehomestudies
  • No astrologer in the world can be hundred percent correct. Every astrologer through his interpretations suggest you the methodologies to follow which are accurate most of the times. The horoscopes predictions are always 80- 85 percent correct. If you get such an astrologer, hold on to him as he is able to judge your chart very correctly.
  • Any learned and experienced astrologer will never be pushing his clients to take up any special products or additional services to gain more money from you. You can be advised but never forced. If you are getting the impulsive push then it’s time to say goodbye to the fraud who is trying to imitate a learned astrologer.
  • Genuine astrologers will never try to confuse you with difficult terminologies which you might not understand. Also they are never going to judge you or your situation. In fact, they will be the ones who will make you a better individual than before. Misleading is never the characteristic of a true astrologer.
  • The genuine astrologers never try to waste your and his own time in telling about the list of clientele he has and how famous are they. He will be always open to clarify your doubts on any of his given advices and will be open to reasoning if needed. If the predictions are not accurate, he will have courage to own up to his mistake for the same.
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Get awareness about your good and bad phases of life through the most genuine and learned accurate astrologer in Delhi– Pankaj Khanna. He is approachable through online portals or telephonically. Apart, from this you can have an appointment fixed with him personally. Be future ready to get the best out of life by his predictions.

How to find the accurate astrologer in Delhi area

Whether you believe in Astrology or not, but you may have noticed that at some phase of your life when you start facing disappointments for a longer duration, you tend to believe that there is some power that is changing the course of your life. Yes, we call it Destiny! Astrology is an art of estimating the future and suggesting people some guidelines that can help them prosper in life.

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Choosing the best accurate astrologer in India requires to analyze the personality who can evaluate the best horoscope for you. An astrologer who promises before even taking the birth details could be trying to impress you. People who wish to make a change in their lives must be ready to meet a Hindu Astrologer like Pankaj Khanna having expertise in astronomy and Indian culture.

Based out of Janakpuri, New Delhi, he has earned the reputation of being the most accurate astrologer in India. With extensive experience of over 3 decades in the field of Raj Yoga, Vedic Astrology and Palmistry, he has mastered his astrology skills under the guidance of his Guru. With such expertise, Mr. Khanna has been serving and meeting various personalities who wish to gain stability in their social, religious or economic issues. He has been associated with Taj Mahal Hotels, New Delhi and ITC Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi as their in-house Astrologer.

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So, if you’re still thinking of an accurate astrologer in Delhi, then look no further because Pankaj Khanna is the perfect choice for getting the most correct predictions of your life. His motive of taking up astrology as a profession came from a vision to help people know about their negative things that can be removed at the right time to climb the epitome of success in your life.

Renowned as the best accurate astrologer in Delhi, Pankaj Khanna has been able to attain the position of providing one of the horoscope predictions by analysing the birth charts with perfection. Due to his passion and precision in his work, we can call him the perfectionist of Astrology. Come in and know your future predictions to help to lead a happy life ahead.

Success Story of Pankaj Khanna- The Accurate Astrologer in Delhi

Astrology is a science which is practiced from ancient times. It is the study for the prediction of future events of an individual’s life based on the movements of celestial objects and date, time and place of birth.  It takes lot of practice and concentration to be the accurate astrologer in India. Continue reading “Success Story of Pankaj Khanna- The Accurate Astrologer in Delhi”