3 Characteristics & Traits of October-born Personality

October is the favorite month as it brings the most anticipated festival in India, Diwali. People who are born in this month are lucky to celebrate the vibes of festivities. October is primarily dedicated to Librans who are known to be very peace loving while the end of October is ruled by the zodiac sign Scorpio. Let us reveal the traits of October-born individuals taken from an accurate astrologer in India.

Loving and charming: October being the most happening month produces charming and fun loving personalities who can stand out distinctively with their amazing personality. They never run out of energy and spirit. Vibrant in nature, October-born individuals are known for their enthusiasm. Ruled by Venus, they are extremely motivated, amiable and believe in harmony. Having a friend like this is a blessing for everyone.

Emotional and unrealistic: Being emotional in nature October people are very impractical in nature and it often creates a barrier in their life. If you are like that, you should come out of the dreamland to meet the reality. Life is a race and if you run slowly you will lose opportunities. The famous and accurate astrologer in Delhi Pankaj Khanna has suggested the October-born individuals to be prepared to face the challenge in life.

Strong headed:  Determination is the biggest strength for October-born personalities. They should focus on their career and success will automatically come to their way. It is observed that they do brilliantly in the field of stock market, real estate, interior decoration and many things.

Advices for October-born people from the famous astrologer in India:

  • Don’t confine yourself when there are many doors open for you. If you get stagnated you will lose your position.
  • You should prepare yourself to face the challenges in life. Your path will not always be filled with roses. Try to overcome the hurdles to achieve your goal.
  • Don’t be an emotional fool as it will diminish your spirit and it will throw you out of the race. There’s no point engaging yourself into an emotional battle that may snatch your peace of mind.

In a nutshell, October-born individuals need to be more pragmatic in life and rest will work for them in their favor.

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