How to judge an accurate astrologer?

When it comes to astrology, everyone seeks an astrologer who is known for his experience of giving best predictions and is having huge clientele. The search is not easy when the list of accurate astrologers in India is huge. Indeed you will want to approach the one with diverse services and the one who can guide you through the unfavourable times well. One such accurate astrologer in Delhi is known for his suggestions and predictions- Pankaj Khanna.

Shop No.11,A-3 DDA Market,
(Near St. Marks School)
Janakpuri,New Delhi – 110058
Mob: 9810190140
Please Call between 11.30 A.M To 7.30 P.M (WEDNESDAY OFF)

His passion and zeal to acquire more and more in this area made him successful and the most approachable accurate astrologer in India. Below are few of the points he follows religiously and makes the masses aware to differentiate between a true astrologer and the fraud.

source: onlinehomestudies
  • No astrologer in the world can be hundred percent correct. Every astrologer through his interpretations suggest you the methodologies to follow which are accurate most of the times. The horoscopes predictions are always 80- 85 percent correct. If you get such an astrologer, hold on to him as he is able to judge your chart very correctly.
  • Any learned and experienced astrologer will never be pushing his clients to take up any special products or additional services to gain more money from you. You can be advised but never forced. If you are getting the impulsive push then it’s time to say goodbye to the fraud who is trying to imitate a learned astrologer.
  • Genuine astrologers will never try to confuse you with difficult terminologies which you might not understand. Also they are never going to judge you or your situation. In fact, they will be the ones who will make you a better individual than before. Misleading is never the characteristic of a true astrologer.
  • The genuine astrologers never try to waste your and his own time in telling about the list of clientele he has and how famous are they. He will be always open to clarify your doubts on any of his given advices and will be open to reasoning if needed. If the predictions are not accurate, he will have courage to own up to his mistake for the same.
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Get awareness about your good and bad phases of life through the most genuine and learned accurate astrologer in Delhi– Pankaj Khanna. He is approachable through online portals or telephonically. Apart, from this you can have an appointment fixed with him personally. Be future ready to get the best out of life by his predictions.

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