Success Story of Pankaj Khanna- The Accurate Astrologer in Delhi

Astrology is a science which is practiced from ancient times. It is the study for the prediction of future events of an individual’s life based on the movements of celestial objects and date, time and place of birth.  It takes lot of practice and concentration to be the accurate astrologer in India.

There is one accurate astrologer in Delhi who has got name due to his immense interest in gaining the knowledge and practice Vedic astrology, palmistry, vaastu shashtra etc.

Lets’ look in to the success story of this great Astrologer:

  • Pankaj Khanna has got his name form Guru- shishya prampara. He did his commerce graduation from Delhi University and post graduation from IGNOU in management. He was laced in financial department of NTPC but could not go ahead with it because of his keen interest in astrology. This is how the journey of an accurate astrologer in Delhi took a successful turn.
  • The learning he got from his Guru- Swami Atmanand Saraswati from Garhwal Himalayas created a very strong base for him to practice more on his skills of predictions. He is been practicing and studying Astrology from the age of 16 and performs Lord Shiva meditation every day. He believes this meditation gives him intuitive power to predict accurately.
  • In 1999, he became one of those four astrologers who were given the chance to predict astrology in Times of India. From there he came forward to masses through his famous show- Meri saheli which had huge TRP’s. His predictions were so accurate that every TV channel and newspaper approached him to have shows or columns where his horoscope will be shown. This is how an accurate astrologer in India got his success in the field of Astrology.

FOR TAKING APPOINTMENTS CALL Mob: 9810190140 Please Call between 11.30 A.M To 7.30 P.M (WEDNESDAY OFF)

Pankaj Khanna is now renowned for his predictions of future for an individual, Gemstone knowledge, Vaastu shashtra, birth chart making and analysing the same and giving solutions for pitra dosh or any other query. The feedback of the clients from every sector- politics, religious, regional and common man has made him a successful person. But, he is down to earth and keeps practicing and doing self study to help mankind with his intuitive powers to be ready for the life events coming ahead of them.

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